Consortium Agreement

A student would enter into a consortium agreement if they are currently enrolled at Sandburg and receiving financial aid, but wish to take a class at another college and receive financial aid for it at Sandburg. Typically, an advisor would recommend students to do this if the student is unable to take a required course at Sandburg because of scheduling conflicts, or the course is not offered in the desired term, etc. 


Student Criteria:

  • Must take required courses at the Host School which are transferable to their degree program at Sandburg
  • Be enrolled in an eligible degree program at Sandburg, attending at least a three credit class or receive special approval.
  • Making Satisfactory Academic Progress as specified by the Sandburg SAP policy. Sandburg will confer a degree upon successful completion of their program. 
  • Submit this form along with:
    • a copy of your registration
    • documentation of payment from the host school
  • Submit grade transcripts from the host school at the end of the semester
  • NOT be receiving financial aid at the host school

After tuition has been paid at the host school and documentation of that has been sent to Sandburg, we will disburse any financial aid you would be eligible for directly to you. 


Consortium Form

Please complete the top portion of the consortium form, and stop at Section II and send the form to the host school who will be responsible for filling the rest of the form out and then returning that form back to Sandburg.