10-11 team photo


Front Row (L to R): Taylor Rice, Megan Blumenshein, Courtney McKown, Courtney Eklund, Kaylee German & Diamond Burt.
Back Row (L to R): Head Coach Mike Bailey, Samantha Mason, Meredith Beoletto, Shelby Pacheco, Gabrielle Lorton, Jaclyn Cahill & Assistant Coach Katie King.



No. Name Height Position Year High School, State
3 Taylor Rice 5'6" G Soph. ROWVA, Ill.
5 Megan Blumenshein 5'11" F Fresh. Orion, Ill.
10 Courtney McKown 5'4" G Fresh. North Fulton, Ill.
14 Courtney Eklund 5'6" G Fresh. ROWVA, Ill.
25 Kaylee German 5'5" G Fresh. Kewanee, Ill.
30 Diamond Burt 5'6" F Fresh. Rich East, Ill.
35 Samantha Mason 5'6" F Fresh. Galesburg, Ill.
42 Meredith Beoletto 5'11" F Fresh. North Fulton, Ill.
44 Shelby Pacheco 5'10" F Fresh. Galesburg, Ill.
50 Gabrielle Lorton 6'1" F Soph. BPCA, Ill.
54 Jaclyn Cahill 5'7" G Fresh ROWVA, Ill.